[#30 DaysOfDairy… Continuing on with my ‪#‎JuneDairyMonth‬ photo feature.]

In this photo a farmer sprays a chemical, likely anhydrous ammonia, on a local field. Anhydrous is a nitrogen fertilizer that is used to improve soil used to grow crops. 11 million tons of anhydrous ammonia is used in the US annually. If it was not used on fields for fertility, it would need to be replaced by nearly 1 billion cattle spread of over 2 billion acres…. The feed demand for that many cattle would encompass nearly our ENTIRE nation!

‪#‎farming‬ #junedairymonth ‪#‎agriculture‬ ‪#‎sustainability‬13474941_1066525273427135_8921817381238064108_o

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