Jack Of All Trades

13529218_1070040036408992_8394430824293185279_n#‎30DaysOfDairy‬… Continuing with my ‪#‎JuneDairyMonth‬ photo feature.

Farmers are jacks of all trades. Not because they necessarily want to be, but because they have to be… Here, Kory from River’s Edge Dairy, packs a few tools back into the onboard toolbox before heading into the field to plant.

When a machine breaks down in the middle of the night, there is literally nobody to call… You either figure it out- or you lose time. And in farming, time is everything. It is AMAZING the technical knowledge that farmers possess. Nine times out of ten, no matter what it is, they know how to fix it—-and if they don’t, they’ll figure it out! And that, to me, is just awesome….

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