Snow, Forever Again.


It’s snowing again today. A veil of white has fallen down onto the Earth – and everything is clean and pure again. It’s strange how when you have a tiny taste of spring early in the year it leaves you craving warmer weather immediately. Even though it’s unorthodox. Even though you know it feels wrong.

Now, I’ll admit to loving the snow. There is something very nostalgic, romantic, and whimsical about it. But by about March, I’m over it. Ready for spring. I’m chomping at the bit- personally and professionally- to get back outside full time and to feel the sun on my skin. Studio work is nice as a photographer, but I’m dying for the kind of color and vibrance you only find in nature.

But such is life. Spring will come soon enough- and then it will get super hot and we’ll be begging for colder weather. We always want what we can’t have, right? Like 6 pack abs, and Puerto Rican beaches year round, and endless wealth. Truth is- we’d get sick of that, too.

If you need me, I’ll be outside with a cold nose and wet boots frolicking in late season snow- enjoying the last few days of it before spring chases it away.





One thought on “Snow, Forever Again.

  1. We didn’t even have a winter this year. We had one Friday where snow fell and caused a traffic nightmare, but otherwise it has been almost a Southern California winter. I hope it doesn’t mean an ungodly summer! Hope your Spring starts soon!


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